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16 Signs You’ve Become A Fully Fledged Cyclist

22 February 2014

1. Your living/dinning room resembles a bike gallery


2. You can have serious straight-faced conversations about how to best apply Chamois Cream


3. You have permanent tan lines.



4. Headwinds are the bane of your existence


5. You have an in-depth understanding of how traffic lights work and know exactly when they’ll turn green.


6. You can ride for 5 hours but walking for 5 minutes can be the hardest-thing-in-whole-world (and you let everyone know about it).

If only you had the same enthusiasm as Leo…


7. Watts have greater meaning than the type of light globe in your room.


8. You’ve seen just as many species of animal on the side of the road (dead) that you have alive in the wild


9. You have had a ‘Hubbard Mark’ or ‘Chainring Tattoo’ more than once before.


10. You know what Reco Ride and Brew Ride mean (and love them).


11. You begin to measure all distances by how long it takes to ride.



12. You scope out reflective windows to see how your ‘form’ is on the bike.


13. You have an unwanted knowledge (and understanding) of what Saddle Sores are.



14. Conversations consisting of the words: bombing, creeping, go-ing, bergs, cooked, in-the-box and strava are perfectly normal and comprehensible.


15. You love coffee.

16. Your day doesn’t feel complete unless you’ve ridden your bike (because it’s awesome, obviously).


Have I missed anything? Let us know in the comments!